What Are The Principles Of A Cross-Cut Paper Shredder?

Cross-cut shredders are ideal for those security-minded individuals who want to dispose of their sensitive information safely. Cross-cut shredders differ from their strip-cut shredder cousins in how they cut paper. Strip-cut shredders cut paper lengthways into longs strips. Cross-cut shredders will cut the paper widthways and lengthways, cutting the paper into various shapes depending on the kind of shredder. For a variety of cross-cut paper shredding machines go to shredderwizard.com.

Cross-cut shredders have a slot at the top of the unit where the paper is fed into. Sets of rotating teeth under the slot move in the opposite direction to grab the paper, pulling it down. This means that the user doesn’t have to feed each piece of paper in manually after the initial feed. With most shredders, several sheets can be shredded at once. A cross-cut shredder can cut a single piece of A4 paper from anywhere between 300 to 1500 tiny piece of paper. The higher the security level, the higher the number of pieces. It’s important to lubricate the blades of your shredder occasionally so that the paper won’t jam. You can buy lubricant oils to keep the process moving smoothly.

Best Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

The major advantage that cross-cut paper shredders have over the more commonly found strip-cut shredder is that because the paper is shredded into such small pieces, it is much more secure, it is very difficult to be reassembled. Cross-cut paper shredders are also beneficial in terms of waste due to the tiny size of the shredded paper. The paper can be tightly compressed so the paper bin can be emptied less. High-range cross-cut shredders will feature anti-jam technology, self-cleaning blades, and auto-oiling systems.

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