Types of Fabric Used For Making Swimsuits

Courtesy: Spoon Flower

The swimsuits are on the verge of being a necessity and a fashion statement. While some people think that not much goes into the making of swimsuits, they aren’t familiar with the complex details of the fabric used for swim suit production.

A good swim suit should have three qualities; it should be durable, stretchable and water resistant. Otherwise there is no use of buying a good looking swim suit. Here is the most common swimsuit fabrics used in the market:

  • Nylon

The trusty nylon is what you will find on every rack throughout Australia. This fabric is loved by users and manufacturers as it is stretchable, water resistant and dries down completely quickly. However over exposing it to the sun may result in faded colors.

  • Spandex

This fabric is used in most of the modern swim wears. Although it isn’t used completely on its own, but a blend of it makes an extremely stretchable swim wear. It is soft, light and body hugging however continuous chlorine exposure affects the elasticity.

  • Cotton

If you are looking for a retro chic look then cotton should be your first choice. However, a pure cotton swim suit might not be an excellent choice because it doesn’t fit well. Look for a spandex blended cotton swim suit.

You can find great swimwear in Australia, sale items however are difficult to come by. But once you find a product on sale, we would suggest that you buy it immediately as it won’t be staying for long.

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