Different Types of Termites

People often categorize the pests attacking their homes as termites in general. What they do not know is that it has been scientifically been proven that there exist more than forty five to fifty different kinds of termites each with their own traits. If you want to carry out the termite treatment at home, it is important that you are able to identify the type of termite you are dealing with. Just knowing the type makes handling and treating termites in Brisbane a far easier job. 


Here are some of the types:

1. Dry wood termites

These are the types of pests that, as the name suggests, are found in wood. This means, that you might come across them in a tree in your backyard. Or much worse, they can even reside in your wooden cabinets and beautiful hardwood floors. The worst part is that since they feed on the wood, you might not even see the damage happening until the wood just falls as a powder.

2. Termites of damp wood

As the name suggests, these pests are found in any kind of wood that either naturally or because of the environment has higher water content than normal wood might. You will hardly ever have to face these termites inside your house but they might be the cause of serious damage outside. If you have thrown away a decaying piece of wood in your backyard, that might harbor some dampwood termites, so just be careful.

Know the type of termites you are dealing with and then conduct a treatment.

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