2 En Block Sold: Cairnhill Mansion And Riviera Point

The Riviera Point located at No. 2 Jinyin Road paid S$72 million to Singapore real estate developers. Cairnhill Mansions 69 at Cairnhill Roadway was sold to Singapore listed building engineer Reduced Keng Huat for S$3.62 million. This is its fifth overall sale. Real-estate growth in prime locations in September was actually a cumulative sale in S$362 million in October, with S$2,311 per square foot for each property. This 18-storey tower is located on the parking lot platform and consists of 61 apartments or apartments. There are still about 43,103 square feet of space. Explore this link https://www.signatureyishun.org/pricelist/ to know more about condos with facilities. The reduced Keng Huat claimed on Wednesday that it intends to redevelop Cairnhill to a skyscraper home with condominium facilities. It is estimated that the reconstruction plan will produce about 200 property systems.

It added that this will certainly enable the group to supplement land reserves for family growth in Singapore. This includes a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Glopeak Development, which aims to obtain and rebuild the development of Cairnhill Mansions. The key marketing point of the Cairnhill Mansion is said to be its place. It enjoys personal privacy and serenity in prestigious areas but is just a few minutes’ walk from the shopping belt of Orchard Road. It is about 400 meters from Newton Subway Station. Low Keng Huat said that the proposed purchase and reconstruction will be financed by internal resources and external borrowings, and that the team's net real property or earnings per share will not have a secular impact during the fiscal year that is expected to be completed on January 31, 2019. For the Riviera factor, this is the fourth time fortunate. The house costs S$72 million to Macly Riveria, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Macly Team.


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