The Different Types of Dentures Available As an Option in Teeth Repair

Dentures have come a long way since the time of George Washington and his wooden teeth. Today's products are produced with high-impact acrylic, colored to look like genuine teeth and gums and are reinforced with metal wire. Find out more details about denture repairs at

 The Different Types of Dentures Available As an Option in Teeth Repair

They could look so realistic it's impossible to tell that they're not natural. What has stayed the same since the time of Washington nevertheless, are the fundamental types available: a complete set or a partial set.

The Full Set

When it comes to oral health, sometimes the only option left is dentures. Most individuals are familiar with a complete set, where the whole piece can be removed completely in the mouth. A complete set is sometimes known as a complete plate and is composed of an acrylic mouthpiece that fits on your gums and adheres to the roof of your mouth.

Partial Sets for Teeth Repair

Cosmetic Dentistry sets are also fairly common and can come in many different configurations. Sometimes when a person just needs to fix a tooth, a partial denture is all that's necessary. There are even partial denture sets which have spaces left in them to accommodate the wearer's teeth. Partial sets are often easier to fit as they're not covering as large a room.

Newer Options in Denture Wear

Newer denture choices include augmentation and immediate dentures. Both require placing the teeth directly. Even though these options provide the best stability and provide you instant results, some shifting can occur as the teeth cure, tissues recede or swelling goes down, which means repeat visits to your dentist, could be necessary.

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