Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

All our lives, we have been taught to aim for the stars and strive for goals that seem unattainable. It may be inspiring however when it comes to setting fitness goals it is always advised to set realistic goals.


Set smart and well though goals that you can actually achieve without breaking down or giving up half way through:

  • Be specific

Narrow down your vaguely written goal and be specific so that it is easier for you to achieve. Let’s say your goal is ‘lose weight’ you can change it up a little by adding the weight you aim on losing; ‘lose 5 kilograms in 3 weeks’. This way you are being specific.

  • Measure

Measure yourself and your weight, you need to know where you started. Sometimes you don’t see an apparent change in the structure of your body however when you measure yourself you notice that you have lost a few inches around the thigh or waist.

  • Start slow

Don’t jump in right away, start slow from 10 minutes of exercise each day to hard core eventually. Set small goals and one at a time, building your stamina slowly. Register yourself for Muay Thai Fitness camp so you can exercise the smart way.

  • Don’t leave carbs entirely

If you plan on leaving carbs entirely and you are determined, possibility is that you may be able to skip them for a few weeks. However after that you won’t be able to resist and you might end up eating a lot. So it’s better that you keep carbs in your diet but decrease the quantity.

Lastly, reward yourself for achieving little goals. They will keep you motivated and encourage you to achieve other goals as well.

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