How to Keep Your Concrete Mixer Running Efficiently?

Cement equipment is a major expense for almost any company and therefore it's essential that business owners do their utmost to ensure these assets are maintained correctly.

A well maintained tangible mixer will continue to operate successfully for many years. For more information about Concrete Equipment you can visit at

It is important that any technician working with a concrete mixer not only understands how concrete machinery operates, but also how to troubleshoot and pre-empt any problems that arise. Routine maintenance is also critical as this will prevent problems from occurring in the future.



Essential Maintenance Tasks for Concrete Machinery

One of the main tasks when keeping concrete machinery operating properly is maintenance of the trammel. Dried concrete left inside the drum can cause serious problems over time, coating the inside and slowly but surely reducing its capacity and the volume of concrete it can keep.

The problem sounds easy to resolve, but is in reality very hard to remove any residual concrete once it dries inside the drum. Utilizing a pressure washer whilst the drum is rotating can help, but is not the most effective means of removal.


Although there are companies offering chemical and commercial pressure washing services, even these techniques can fall brief, failing to remove all traces of concrete in the drum. In these cases, the only option would be manual removal with the most rudimentary of tools – the jackhammer. 

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