Myths and Facts about Hangovers

While hangovers have assumed a comical, trivial place in the general culture, its properties on the body are profound. Hangovers are related with causing headache, nausea, dehydration, vomiting, and in some serious cases, it may also involve a visit to the specialist.

When people drink poorly, they face the prospect of waking up with a tumultuous hangover. Unawareness about managing hangovers means that most people end up following the information of ill-informed people. 

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To make matters eviler, there are numerous myths which claim to cure hangovers. These myths range from innocuous doings such as taking a cold shower, to more serious stuff such as making a voodoo doll from the alcohol bottle and stabbing 13 pins to it.

There are some other myths about hangovers that need some debunking and for the sake of our fellow drinkers; we take it upon ourselves to clear the air about hangovers.

If you eat well before you start drinking, the chances of having a hangover are lesser. However, when you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol straight arrives into your bloodstream and upsurges the chances of getting high rapidly. Eating after you have spent alcohol may not prevent a hangover, although it may help in managing it.

It has been scientifically proven that men have more water in their bodies as compared to women. When alcohol enters a man's body, the water dilutes the alcohol and lessens its effect on the body.


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