My Dog Is Shaking, Is It Dangerous?

There are much serious illnesses that can manifest inside your dog's body for a long time without showing any observable symptoms. Therefore, if your dog starts to shake uncontrollably one day, at least you can be grateful that it is a mild symptom to show the more serious diseases inside. To prevent this illness, you can provide your dog with the best dry dog food for Pitbulls, frequently medical check-ups and a lot of care every day.

Kidney disease is one of the many illnesses that do not manifest themselves for a very long time. If one day your dog starts to drink a lot more water, while urinating more times in a day, then may be kidney disease is in concern. Shaking is inside the other symptoms as the disease progresses. We strongly suggest you see the pet immediately when the shaking show itself for further treatment and therapy.

Another illness that falls in this category is Addison's Disease, whose symptoms include gastrointestinal problems, shaking, energy loss and a decrease in appetite. Of course, shaking is also a symptom of this disease. The problem is that Addison's disease is often diagnosed wrongly and lead to more severe problems. If your dog seems to be chronically ill and undernourished even with the best flea collar for dogs then you should see the vet about possible causes.

There is another illness common in the smaller breeds that are known as the White Dog Shaker Syndrome. Breeds such as Maltese or Highland White Terriers are highly susceptible to this illness, which causes possible full body tremors in dogs at younger ages. This syndrome is not related to anxiety, therefore if your dog is in a stress-free environment yet keep shaking violently and uncontrollably, you should consult with medical help immediately. 

Shaking can be symptoms of normal issues or more serous illnesses inside the dog's body. Should you see your dog shake without knowing why it is best to consult with the experts. 

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