A Study On Gestational Diabetes

A new clinical trial plans to help prevent a recurrence of gestational diabetes in specific patients. Gestational diabetes does jeopardize the health of both baby and mother though temporary. It happens when pregnancy hormones cause blood glucose levels to soar. This study zeroes in on one risk factor: being overweight. "About 18 percent of women who are overweight grow gestational diabetes during a pregnancy,” said Dr. Rena Wing, manager of the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at The Miriam Hospital. “What Is interesting is if you might have gestational diabetes in one pregnancy then you have a much higher risk of developing it again in your next pregnancy." as mentioned at symptoms of diabetes

As much as seven times higher. And those girls have a greater risk of developing diabetes after pregnancy. So what Wing is hoping to do is recruit women who've already had gestational diabetes in her most recent pregnancy, are obese or overweight, and who are planning to get pregnant. Ankima Jain was identified as having gestational diabetes of pregnancy with her second kid. She had no such complication with her first pregnancy. "It was surprising and it was scary as well to comprehend the process — that I'd have to require the sugar test four times a day and I have to prick my finger every time," she said. Should Jain consider a third pregnancy and should she meet with the weight condition of being overweight or obese, she'd qualify. And she says she'd take part. “Oh yes, absolutely. I believe it’s a great initiative,” she said.

For those who do qualify and are intending to get pregnant in the next three years: "We will be working together to help them lose weight, become more physically active, eating a healthy diet and we believe we'll have the capacity to reduce the risk of them developing gestational diabetes in another pregnancy," said Wing. 250 women will be registered in this NIH-funded study half in California, in Rhode Island. Half the girls will get intensive help in losing weight, the other: minimal instruction about weight reduction. The thinking is the group that receives the most help will fare better. Get the research details at diabetes forum

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