All About Action Camera Market

Uber-brand Sony has announced the launch of its first true action camera, and it looks like its holding no punches in its mission to challenge the likes of GoPro and Drift for market domination.


Despite a large amount of buzz surrounding the launch of the camera, Sony isn’t the first major electronics brand to step into the action sports stadium. JVC recently rolled out the ADIXXION, a feature-rich action camera that’s proving popular within action sports communities.


With JVC receiving the positive reception it has, it was only a matter of time before another major merchant stepped up to claim their piece of the pie. So what does the Sony Action Cam have to offer?  Find all about sj4000wifi through online websites.







It’s small, tough, and appropriate to any type of extreme sport, from cycling to paragliding and everything inbetween.


It also shoots full 1080p HD (30fps), 2x slow mode in HD 720p (60fps), regular HD 720p (30fps), and SD VGA 480p (30fps).


When developing this camera, the ability to draw inspiration and technology from its vast portfolio of existing high-end cameras was undoubtedly a major benefit for Sony, as the following characteristics would suggest. Various companies offer Sjcam repair (also known as ” ซ่อมsjcam  ” in Thai language )  complete protection and expert repair of your camera or camcorder also recover deleted photos and videos.


The latter adds electronic roll stability, which in theory allows for greater mobility, meaning you can mount the camera almost anywhere without effecting the video quality.


Users of the standard, non-WiFi version will need to settle for operating the apparatus via the built-in LCD screen, while the WiFi version will allow users to run the camera and lineup shots via their smartphone.

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