Antique Style Radiator Valve Choice For Cast Iron Radiators

On the market today there is a huge choice of antique style valves to suit the traditional cast iron radiators for sale. Antique design cast iron radiator valves come in a basic choice of thermostatic or manual as do modern radiator valves.


A thermostatic valve is preferable for the bigger radiator as it permits you to regulate the temperature of every radiator within each room area, providing flexibility of warmth and energy/money saving.


The manual valve, however, will only allow you to turn the radiator off or on, with the smaller radiator, in a bathroom, for example, the manual valve may suffice.


Antique style radiator valves also have the benefit of being available in 15mm or 22mm fittings. If you are fitting that drains onto an old original heating system the pipe size required on a valve will be 22mm however all refurbished and modern pipe work will be 15mm. Check with your plumber before researching your valve choice. If you want to know more about valves, actuators, commercial valves (which is also known as ” วาล์ว, ตัวกระตุ้น, วาล์วเชิงพาณิชย์ ” in the Thai language ) visit online websites.







Once you’ve decided that your pipe size and a selection of thermostatic or manual valve has been made there is then the choice of finish and style.  You can browse online sources For all about Plumbing fittings (which is also known as “ข้อต่อประปา ” in Thai language) .


The style of classic flap selected is very much determined by the style it is to accompany. For the simpler line of the traditional column Victorian style radiator it’s best to pick a less detailed valve style to compliment the simplicity of the radiator layout.


The bigger more ornate radiator will take the more elaborate wooden wheel or fluted top design of antique style valve adding an extra dimension and elegance to the radiator.


There is an antique style valve available now on the market for every cast iron radiator style and it’s always best, before picking, to get in touch with a professional specialist in cast iron radiators and valves to go over your requirements before purchasing and also discuss your project thoroughly with your plumber or heating engineer.


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