SIP Trunk – 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Australian businesses who uses a SIP trunk platform can acquire special numbers such 1300's and 1800s to attract customers across the country, typically this will remove long distance call barriers allowing businesses to tender their services not only locally but also in other states. 

However, there's a difference between the two which needs to be considered first prior to acquiring any of those two. For more information regarding 1300 number, you can simply hop over to

At a 1300 number callers continue to be billed a local speed in their region and the remainder has been siphoned from the company, nevertheless if the caller uses a cell phone then routine charges to his cellular provider may employ while 1800 amounts is your toll free hotline whereas the company pays all of the cost of the telephone.

The frequent factor between the two specific numbers in the way they operate, essentially these are routing numbers.

Meaning a telephone isn't directly obtained from an 1800 or by 1300.

In case a call comes through these amounts it's going to be forwarded to a different number generally your principal company contact so it's going to still visit your organization PBX that will make certain that the phone will nevertheless be treated as a normal telephone along with your PBX will continue to have the ability to aid in tendering your own services.

Together with the many advantages that both exclusive numbers Australia's requirement for proceeds to grow probably due to the competitive marketplace in almost any market and with requirements comes provide, before obtaining 1300 and 1800 numbers are somewhat troublesome and of course costly thus just the large players have such phone number but now virtually every telecommunication carrier from conventional systems to SIP suppliers can readily provide with you.

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