Prospects of Fingerprinting Technology Method

Fingerprint technology has been widely used in enforcement and crime examination agencies. Tools of fingerprint technology are used to distinguish, identify, and match fingerprints. However, it is becoming more popular in civilian products. In fingerprinting technology, fingerprint toner plays the major role.

Some laptops, mobile phones and other personal gadgets are now set with fingerprint recognition devices. Besides mobile phones and laptops, the most necessary thing that you ought to have when you go out is your wallet. In it, there is cash, credit cards, and other imperative cards.

I heard somewhere of an idea to create a new electronic gadget that would be a fingerprint wallet, which he wants to call – the Finger Bank. Fingerprinting programs and banking scheme will be connected. With the utilization of Finger Bank, one can just have his or her finger scanned and do money transactions.

Credit cards and debit cards are convenient. Yet, there are two restrictions: cards take up spaces and passwords are necessary. Using password is not the most secure way to guard users' banking information. Also, some people might not recall the password of their own accounts. Banks, then, have to use the services of customer service representatives to handle troubles that online banking users might have; it costs money.

However, fingerprint is distinctive; it is a unique pattern that each person has, and it is very improbable that someone will lose his or her fingers. Using fingerprints to access a banking account is more safe.

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