Tips For Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

Most people like to stay in a comfortable area where the air temperature is just right to help them relax or do their work more efficiently. This is important either when working in an office to maintain their efficiency, or in staying at home while doing chores or resting. The reasons for this is if the area is colder then they would be freezing and move more slowly.

Meanwhile, if the room is warmer than what is ideal, there is a tendency for them to lose their energy faster from being dehydrated after sweating profusely. That is why it is important for heating and air Salt Lake City UT systems to function properly and keep their temperature just the right amount. To help maintain their peak performance at home, you should have regular maintenance done.

One way of ensuring their peak performance is hiring professionals to check them up twice every year so schedule them accordingly. This preventive maintenance is usually done during spring and fall seasons where they could look for electrical and motor failures. Ask for recommendations from those you trust if you do not know a trusted company yet.

You should replace the filter after every few months including other things you can do yourself that does not require professional help. Just be sure when doing these things that you have shut the power off first as working with them turned on is very dangerous. For outdoor units, there is a shut off box near it while turn off the breaker box for indoor ones.

Exterior compressors are prone to having some debris inside of them so you must clean these things out and start by removing the fan cage. This could be done using a wrench or screwdriver to remove their fasteners then lift the fan grill or cage away. Clean the debris like leaves and twigs with your hands or using a vacuum.

Remove then their outer covers and clean the outside dirt using the brush attachment of the powerful vacuum. After, spray through their fins from the inside with a gentle stream coming from your garden hose and avoid utilizing pressure washers. This is because their pressure could damage them and causes more problems instead.

If their fins are specifically dirty, there are commercially available cleaning spray in home improvement centers and follow the directions for their use. Straighten any bent fin using butter knife or tools for straightening that are commercially available. Be gentle when doing so to avoid damaging the embedded tubing within them.

After finishing with your cleaning, return its fan cage then remove any nearby debris outside. Cut back vegetation and branches as well for at least two feet on all directions in ensuring proper airflow is possible around that unit. Cover the tops of condenser during winter months when not being used and remove them if you will use them.

Level your unit because those not leveled ones could cause the compressor inside to fail early. Their level changes because the pad it sits on may begin to tip when the soil underneath settles. Slight slope for heat pump systems is fine to allow for run off of defrost in winter.

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