Science Based Six Pack Combines Intermittent Fasting With Nutritional Guidance And Simple Workouts

The Science Based Six Pack course created by Thomas DeLauer combines intermittent fasting, nutrition, and exercise to help men get the six pack of abs they have always wanted. Many myths have been spread about using the weight loss method of intermittent fasting, but these inaccurate claims have been disproved by science. While fasting over 72 hours leads to muscle loss, shorter fasting periods are counter intuitively shown to increase muscle mass. Science has shown that men who tried intermittent fasting were able to increase there energy by a significant level. As a result, men gained more muscle, strength, and endurance compared to men who did not fast.

Although it's believed intermittent fasting can decrease or slow down a mans metabolism, science says otherwise. Fasting with short period of food consumption aids in the increased release of Leptin. When Leptin is released during fasting periods, it helps increase the metabolism. The Science Based Six Pack program's focus on intermittent fasting can help improve overall fatigue or cognitive function. A common myth about intermittent fasting is that men can experience a decline in mental abilities. The truth is, when in a fasting state the brain slows down synaptic signaling, allowing the brain to recover and increase focus.

Thomas DeLauer's Science Based Six Pack from sets men up to successfully earn a great set of six pack abs in less than 90 days. Five video tutorials are included for explaining the weight loss practice of intermittent fasting. Helpful tips for intermittent fasting give men guidance on nutritional choices after breaking a fast. Included in the science backed sick pack program is a Shred Fast workout course. The Shred Fast workout includes 9 full body workouts, lasting 20-25 minutes. Each workout is designed without gym equipment and aids in glycogen depletion and fat loss. The program is customizable with two plans, the Base Track or the Fast Track to help any man toward the goal of having six pack abs.

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