Plantation Shutters – The Stylish Secure Window Covering

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation Shutters, also sometimes called Louvered Shutters or Colonial Shutters, are wooden shutters that go on the inner frame of your window. The louver part, are the horizontal slats that can be angled to a position which allows you to limit the levels of light you want in the room. You can visit here to know more about the panel blind.


What are the security benefits of Plantation Shutters?

When your plantation shutters are closed, then there appears to be a solid structure behind your window, this additional layer would be off-putting to any would-be burglar as it looks like another difficult object to break through.

Similarly when you go away or when you leave the house you can angle your shutters in a position whereby it looks like you could be home but also inhibits anyone passing by from seeing that your house is either unoccupied for the time being, but also from seeing what possession of value you have that may be worth taking.

In terms of privacy, this is also a great bonus. Those who live near to the footpath or road with little in-between the window and those passing by, will be able to have their blinds at an angle that lets a favorable amount of light in, however, stops people from being too close to daily life and prying on what goes on behind closed doors.

The knock on effect of this, is also that if you're in a busy urban area, due to the solidity of the plantation shutter, you can eliminate noises of passersby and traffic which would not be as easily done with blinds or curtains.

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