Tips for Designing a Full Body Workout

A full body workout comprises of working all the main muscle groups each workout session. This is done three days a week with resting days between workouts. If you are just starting a program or going back after a long pause you should not do more than one exercise per group of muscles. Any more than that will prove to be counterproductive. The utmost gain in muscle mass and strength will happen in the first few months of the program.

Remember when you plan your program that even though you are working a definite muscle group other muscles are being used indirectly. When you are exercising you chest and back your biceps and triceps are also working. On the days that you are doing back and chest you should not comprise a set for the arms. You can also look for Core De Force MMA workouts plan. 

If you are planning a program for weight loss you will not use a lot of weight but more repetitions. If you are using more weight for muscle you will design a program that is more weight less repetition. When progressing from one weight class to another you should only increase 5 to 10% higher than what you are already using. You should also feel free to add in a few isolation exercises reliant on what areas that you need to work more. Men usually will do arms and women abdominal muscles. 

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