Mental Disturbance: Not a Marijuana Dance

Mental disturbance occur in a person is not an effect of alcohol and drug use. While we see so many studies that confirm that most people diagnosed with severe mental illness have had a history of alcohol and drug use, the alcohol and drug use was not the cause of the mental illness. 

A behavior that coincides with the undetected development of mental health symptoms is the cause of the mental illness. It has been found as well that those with mental illness might be self-medicating with marijuana. Marijuana dispensaries like that of portland dispensaries have recorded cases about it.

Symptoms of mental disturbance happen in the late teens and early 20s and mostly causes are not coming from using marijuana but from their genetics and behavioral cues in early childhood. Young people who have a family history of mental health issues have risk factors so they need not to be exposed to any intoxicating substances. But teens are more likely to experiment with intoxicants and less likely to be open with their parents about their drug use and/or any symptoms of mental disturbance they may be experiencing. As a result, drug and alcohol use has usually already started by the time symptoms of mental illness become noticeable. 

So rather than putting the blame to marijuana, it is recommended that having an open dialogue with adolescents about their drug use and paying attention to their behavior during the teen years are better means of prevention toward the future development of mental illness.

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