Just got a new electric shower

We have a small cottage house. We mostly visit it only during weekends. After reconstruction, there was a conventional water heater installed with a capacity of 40 liters. This was a very ineffective solution for us. The heater had to heat all the water when we came in for a weekend instead of heating just the water we need.

We choose to change the heater for a flow heater – electric shower. This is a very energy efficient solution. We no longer heat all the water, we only pay for what we need. Our electricity bills are much smaller now. 

Thinking about our environment, it was really stupid to use a common water heater in a situation like ours. It might not be the best idea even in an everyday use household. Electric shower only heats that much water as you need. Common electric showers eat up to 11kw of electricity, so you will need an electrician to install it and of course your house power grid must be prepared for it. Our was, so it was very easy and inexpensive. 

Another great advantage of an electric shower is the thermostat. We always had big trouble choosing the right water temperature the common way. The thermostat does all the work for us. We choose to have an analog control knob with temperature gauge. There are also showers with digital control panels available.

We truly fell in love with our new shower. We also had to buy an electric flow heater for our sink. Even though we had to buy these two things, I am confident it was worth it. 

If you love nature and environment, consider using flow heaters instead of non-economical large volume heaters. 

There are several good brands available, for example, Miro showers, Triton, etc. Good luck on your search for the best electric shower!

We found the one that is the best for us and are very happy with it. If you don't like the white plastic color, buy a one with parts made of chrome. It looks really sleek and modern, but we also considered the price.

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