Danby Dehumidifiers Superior Products

Danby Dehumidifiers have made great progress for their company and products. Danby brand provides excellent customer service for their products. It produces a wide range of dehumidifiers in order to meet a variety of room sizes.

Their History

Danby was actually established in Ontario, Canada, in 1947 and start manufacturing small home appliances, and they set a home office for the United States in Findlay in 1992, Ohio. Now there are six distribution centers to handle increasing sales across Canada and America. They focus on producing high quality products.

Their Products

These Danby models are well known for their quiet operation and the efficient use of energy and the devices are generally equipped with an air filter to remove moist air from the inside. In addition, the de-icer feature is designed to avoid frosting during operation when the temperature is a little cold.

Some of these models are equipped with tanks that need to be emptied if they are full, and others have a continuous drain system with a garden hose. Besides, most units are equipped with an automatic restart enable the model to continue operation.

Affordable Price

On the whole, the Danby Dehumidifiers are priced that is affordable for many consumers. But some models have certainly competitive price, particularly for the larger capacity sizes. High quality is built into every product to ensure customer satisfaction.

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