Ethereum announces big Scalability roadmap

Bitcoin and Ethereum Take Different Routes

Despite much criticism, disagreement, and controversy, the Bitcoin ecosystem seems to have (for the time being in any event) selected to retain the 1MB limit with a small increase of 1.5MB to 3MB (depending on use) from segregate witnesses which stays in testing with specific facets still being finalized.

A technology being incorporated as “state routes” after deployed, segwit will allow for Lightning payment stations. Other optimizations are planned, including Schnorr Signatures, which may supply a modest increase in trade capacity.

No timeline estimates are provided, with segwit developers stating “it'll prepare yourself when it’s prepared.”

There are not any known plans for ambitious on-chain capacity increase with some bitcoin developers of the opinion that bitcoin scale that is cannot:

That is not a technical argument either. In an environment where Bitcoin does not scale upwards up forever, ultimately what we’re doing is talking politics.

In Bitcoin, we now have regulatory dilemmas. Another folks may believe those laws are not just. I need to ensure that I can continue to participate in Bitcoin, if I 'm a Bitcoin user in a state like Russia.

Ethereum appears to be taking a different approach, both as technically and culturally Ethereum programmers seem to have a doctrine of political neutrality:

Ethereum cloud mining benefits come in the form of programmability, flexibility, synergy, modularity, and a doctrine of humility, reflecting that we cannot understand just what demands every developer is going to have for each use, both now and even more so five years in the future. If legal research ascertains that certification constraints, KYC verifications or other rules are needed for a specific use, then an identity system can be constructed as a different layer, and contracts can be written that directly plug into it.

“If your special independently traded company, whose shares you desire to have recorded on a blockchain, needs to have a limitation that new investors must be approved by 51% of present shareholders, then you definitely can perform that without any change to either the base layer or any other part of your system.”

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