An Introduction to Fashion Forecasting

Fine artists can be hired or assigned to produce artwork or make their own works for sale later. An ordinary day for an artist involves a lot of creative research, planning and making artwork. Artists use their time to create and develop ideas, sketch and make models. They create or develop works that can be assigned to the commission or in response to the brief.  

To stimulate their creative juices, they do research, visit different locations, interview people, use libraries or the internet. They carry out the project and financial planning, create and manage budgets and calculate their expenses. They do manage taxes and entrepreneurial problems. You can click here at for getting more information about the fine artist online and other fashion designing styles.

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If they have their own studio, they are busy with their organization and administration. They write project proposals for galleries, artist residencies or competitions. They write correspondence and make publicity.

They also wrote funding applications for the public and the private sector. They apply in residencies and competitions. They entered the liaison with contacts, gallery owners, artists, and other curators. They can also act as curators for other individuals or for group performances. They are involved in negotiations for sales or commission of art.

Because most artists are self-employed, they must be involved in self-promotion, networking, attending personal shows and other events, writing press releases to promote themselves. They must maintain a portfolio that is usually their personal website. They also evaluate the project and send feedback to the main sponsor or funder.


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