Main Purpose of Prayer

Prayer really has more than one purpose.  Normally we think of prayer as asking God to do something; once we prayed, we people want God to act.  And occasionally prayer will, in reality, serve this objective.

Many of the times, we’ll ask God to get an energetic recovery, and he’ll heal.  Sometimes we will ask God for food or clothes or lease money or mortgage cash and he reacts. You can also have a peek at this web-site to know more about prayers and importance of the church in our life.

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More frequently, however, we ask God to intervene in our own lives in our favor and he doesn’t. The majority of the objections I’ve heard or read of astrology assume that the only goal for prayer would be to have God intervene on our behalf.

And people understand that God does not always say, “Yes,” of our prayers.  So getting God to do things for us is not sufficient reason to be. It surely isn’t a sufficient motive to keep praying; since it doesn’t always work. But prayer can serve different functions.

God is the greatest secure crowd, the Being of supreme compassionate love.  Assessing our cares and worries to Him over and over again softens the psychological effect of these concerns and cares.

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