All About Cowry Shell Jewelry

Cowry shells are a part of African accessories and clothing. Let’s deliberate the history of the cowry shell.

The cowry is really the shell of a snail or mollusk. The shells originated in numerous colors. The shells of cowries were cast off for periods as a means of currency.  They were initially used in Africa for this determination and later used in India and China as currency.  You can also shop for best and beautiful shell jewelry by visit:

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History informs us that the dealers of Africa favored cowry shells as money even when silver or gold were also provided as possibilities.  In early Egypt, the cubes were believed to include magical properties.

Explorers have discovered thousands of cowry shells within the Pharaoh’s tombs.  Cowries are respected to have been utilized in ceremonies and for divination purposes.  They’re also thought to have been used as talismans to ward off bad spirits.  Unsurprisingly, due to the attractiveness of those shells, they were used for making jewelry.

Back in Europe, Cowry shells are frequently worn as necklace amulets to ward off the evil eye or to bring decent fortune when seeking to get kids.  The cowry shell is very durable and can be appreciated for several decades.

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