Protects Automobile with Invisible Clear Bra

The body of the car suffered a big beating. That is not surprising especially if we live in certain areas of the country. Rocks, dust, particles, debris, and car doors damage vehicle disasters.

What used to look pure will look like cheap pop without being proactive. It always makes me laugh when someone goes to sell their five-year-old car and knows what the real resale value is (not felt). You can get paint protection film in NYC from various online sources.

Adhesive conglomerate 3M has created a new technology item called a clear bra that allows you to protect your expensive assets. This invisible bra protects a large part of your car from all minor damage.

Most damage to the body of the car will arrive at the front or rear bumper. Some of the general damage our vehicles get comes from car collisions, but most of it comes from a series of minor damage that we seem to get every day.

Subaru Crosstrek getting complete hood coverage with Suntek Ultra paint protection film

What is "clear bra" and how does it work?

Put it bluntly, it is a clear laminate placed on the side mirror, front fender, engine hood, headlights, grill, and bumpers. It is completely transparent and is made of strong poly-urethane pioneered by 3M.

New clear bras are also intended to be easily applied and removed if needed. The older ones are made of vinyl but are difficult to install and remove on the vehicle.

While they are a little stronger than the contemporary version, they are also trapped in the condensation that damages the paint. Newer invisible bras don't have this problem.

Where can you install it?

Many Portland automotive coloring companies now offer sales and installations of the clear bra made by 3M. What is more, is not expensive. This is really affordable.

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