What to Look For When Buying a Mini Refrigerator?

Mini Wine bottle coolers (or mini fridges) are classed as refrigerators that are up to 5. 5 cubic feet in internal cooling capacity. They normally are cubed shaped to make maximum use of the available internal cooling storage space.

There are two types of mini refrigerator available today:

–           One type is the mini bar type fridge and was mainly made for the hotel industry.

–           The second type that you get was mainly made for use by a person living alone or for small families.

In the event we look under the hood of the tiny refrigerator you will find that you get either the compressor driven type or the absorption type refrigerator. You can find out freezer manufacturer from many online sites.

The compressor influenced mini fridge runs on the hermetically sealed compressor to electrical power it, just like its' larger cousin, the large domestic refrigerator.

Compressor powered mini refrigerators use a non-ozone depleting gas such as R134a as a refrigerating medium. They are incredibly cost effective and often screen four or five clicks on the energy efficiency scale.

Absorption powered tiny fridges use a high temperature source to power the refrigeration cycle and usually use ammonia as a refrigerating medium. These types of small refrigerators must be installed in a highly ventilated space to avoid heat build up.

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