What is Learn Build Earn? How can it help me Learn, Build, and Earn?

Many economists will talk about the difference between passive income streams and active income streams. Active income streams are the kind that we are all used to. That's when you get into your car, drive to your place of work, and get paid an hourly wage for being there. You are actively working to make your money. However, economists will tell you that what truly successful people set up for themselves are passive income streams. Passive income streams are things like book royalties or ad revenue from websites and blogs. This is money that comes to you without you needing to actively participate in it daily, after the initial setup.


Since the advent of the internet, we have all been provided with a wonderful opportunity to create passive income streams for ourselves. Internet businesses can be wonderful sources of passive revenue, and we can all start, or at least attempt to start, an internet business with very little overhead cost. So, you might ask, why are we not all doing it?


The simple answer is that we don’t all know how. The software by Mark Ling is a wonderful educational tool that will help guide you through the process of starting your own internet business. “Learn Build Earn” is an investment in your financial future, and can set you on your way to financial freedom. Let it help you create your internet business. Yet people still wonder What is Learn Build Earn?, but it is self explanatory.

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