Valances for Windows to Spice Up Your Home

Creative Style With Valances for Windows

Just like adding herbs and spices to cooking dishes to enhance the taste and look, valances for windows are the spices to window treatments idea. Valances are suitable for both large and small windows; they are suitable as standalone or go along very well with curtains and drapes. If you have bay windows at home, revamping the look by decorating the bay windows with valances, you will be surprised to see the prominent bay windows change their look instantly.

Valances patterns for windows have many types and design; it is our wish to provide you with as many information and ideas on valances for windows here so that you can choose the right one for your windows.

Valances for Windows Ideas:

Swag Valances is a good idea to enhance the window with the wavy looks. Scarf valances are another species of valances for windows that use lighter weight or sheer fabric. The lightweight fabric gives a subtle and soft feeling to the atmosphere. For this scarf valance, all you need is just artfully place the fabric over the curtain rod to form the desire pattern.

While ascot valances provide a sophisticated look to your environment, Italian valances just like the name have a more continental feel and touch. Wood valances windows feel a bit rigid and hard but are solid and strong. Balloon valances use curtain rings and this type of valance are more formal and puffy looking as an overall; due to the formality, these valances are found mostly in hotels or halls of big rooms.

Many people initially use valances for windows to cover up the unsighted top attachment of the windows. Today valances are important accessories to add design as well as comfort in order to bring out the personality of the house owner. Choosing valances for windows can be fun, challenging and adventures too.

Try having a valance in your bathroom instead, this is a unique and daring move but you will surely be satisfied with the new twist look of your bathroom. Install a box shaped pieces to the bathroom blinds will add a complimentary touch to the shade.

For a common practice, choosing the matching color fabric to your atmosphere is normally advised but when you need to twist the look for something unique with energy, go beyond the normal practice. Choose and get a contrast color fabric to your surroundings to further emphasize on the valances existence. Having valances for windows is a great idea with many benefits. The best part of it is able to enjoy your own creativity and have a view of the valance stand out like the frame of a picture that changes day and night.

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