Using Fillable PDF Forms to Get Customer Feedback

I run a business online. So, most of my clients are online. Every time I have to interact with my customers, I send them forms. They are mostly feedback forms or survey forms which they would fill and send them back to me. The information on those filled forms is very important to me. It would go a long way to help improve my business. I used different kinds of forms to send to my customers. At one time point I was using word forms. Then I started using excel forms because I wanted some auto calculation done. I had used HTML forms too. But, in my opinion, fillable PDF forms are the best. They are very convenient to use so that you can easily collect feedback from customers.

When I had been using word forms or excel forms, I had realized that they are not so secure. I discussed about the security of my forms with one of my friends and he is the one who asked me to start using fillable PDF forms as they are highly secure. Well, they are not only secure but also extremely user-friendly. Even my customers love my PDF forms. Sometimes, I use excel forms too. But, most of the times I stick to fillable PDF forms.

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