Types of Organic Meat You Should Know About

There are different types of organic meat available in the market. People prefer to purchase organic meat as it supports the health of animals and are considered better in terms of its nutritional value. Below are a few types of opting for organic meat available in the market:


1. Grain-fed beef

Grain fed beef is raised by grazing cows on pastures before moving them to feedlot for 4 to 6 months where they are fed with a balanced diet consisting of grains only. This practice helps improve the quality of meat. Grain feed meat is considered tastier, tender and juicier than regular meat.

2. Naturally Raised

This meat comes from animals raised in a natural environment. Natural labels can also be used on beef that does not consist of artificial flavours, food colouring, ingredients, preservatives or any synthetic products and is minimally processed.

3. Grass Fed Beef

This is similar to naturally raised beef. Grass fed beef refers to the cattle that were fed with grass only. Most of the cattle are raised on free grazing pastures and they consume organically produced grass only. This kind of beef is free from preservatives, antibiotics and hormones.

4. Certified Organic Beef

Most people prefer to buy certified organic beef Brisbane, certification from livestock authority means that the cattle was fed organically, the feed did not consist of any hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms. The cattle are also provided with the required vitamin and minerals. Organically raised beef is not allowed to be fed cannibal diet.

These are the types of organic meats that are available in market.

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