Tips For Solving Your Pigeon Problem

Pigeons, we always see them on the top of tall buildings or wandering around in the city centre.
On March 19, 2009, the US Department of the Interior released a new report on the national “State of the Birds.” 

hilst they may seem fairly benign, they can be an intense pest. Not only can they ruin the aesthetics of a building with their fouling, but they can also be harmful as this fouling frequently carries diseases like Ornithosis (a viral disease that’s very similar to “flu”) and Salmonella bacteria.


Along with this, a pigeon’s feces also contains uric acids that are highly corrosive meaning that they can seriously deface and damage any structures within a time period.

If pigeon proofing is not carried out, the chances of contracting a transmitted disease is high. Pigeons in good numbers can be a real pest, particularly in urban areas. The busy life within cities or towns doesn’t deter them in any way and thus they feel comfortable building their nests onto man-made structures.

Their nests often carry mites and insects which could wander to other parts of a structure. This often results in additional pest issues occurring within the building itself. If you want to buy  Pigeon chasing machine  (which is also known as “  เครื่องไล่นกพิราบ ” in Thai language ) check out online websites.





They can sometimes cause gutters and drains to block which often leads to flooding. Any debris that they leave behind is often caught by the wind and collates in these areas, eventually causing a blockage. It is therefore essential to carry out some pigeon proofing on the area that is most affected.

This is often an extremely humane procedure and rather than injuring the birds in any way, it simply prevents them from returning to their homing site and instead, forces them to look for a nesting spot elsewhere. A bird net is made from extremely durable material that will withstand all weathers. For more additional info about Bird netting price  (which is also known as ” ราคาตาข่ายกันนก ” in Thai language ) visit online websites.

This would be perfect to deter pigeons since it produces a complete barrier between the bird and its homing spot. As pigeons like to break on flat borders, they are immediately removed from utilising any area that has these metal spikes.

If you are suffering with a pigeon problem, each of these methods are effective but humane and will successfully solve your pest trouble. If you are unsure on which method you should use in your issue, there are professional pest management companies that will attend your premises and give you the best advice and product to resolve your problem. You can rest assured in the knowledge that the matter is being dealt with by professionals as they will also install the product for you.


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