The Top Trends In Swimwear For 2017

There is a large variety of swimwear suitable to all kinds of body types, shapes and sizes. However, every year there are new trends and styles in swimwear that also need to be followed. Here are the top swimwear trends that you should lookout for in 2017:

Courtesy: ae01.alicdn

1. Colours

Nude tones are a big hit for swimwear in 2017. The main reason it has turned out to be very popular is that it helps in highlighting your tanned skin.

2. Textures

At first only spandex and lycra were used to make beachwear. Now there is variety of fabrics included, with texture to both two-piece and one-piece collections. Crochet is also trending as it gives very fun, cute and flirty look to the wearer. The designers have introduced suede, lase and burn out effects to swimsuits to give them texture.

3. Prints

When designing printed swimsuits, designers keep in mind that these prints may last longer than a year. This year top prints consist of innovative designs, bright colours and floral prints.

4. Plus Size Swimsuits

This year designers have designed swimsuits keeping all sizes in mind. They have created designs that will look good on plus size as well.

5. Vintage style

Vintage swimsuits have also become a huge hit. This type of swimwear in Australia consists of flirty skirts as bottoms and for top they provide full coverage. There are different designs like high leg cut or one shoulder strap in one piece swim suits as well.

Apart from these trends, wearing mesh swimsuits has also turned out to be quite popular. No matter what style you choose, just remember your comfort comes first.

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