The Best Way to Find a Job

Whether you’ve just finished college or are looking for a career change, the best way to discover a job is not how you would expect, nor is it the way you’ve been taught. For the majority of us, the only ways we know to find work are taking a look at the classified ads or searching the online job boards. Nonetheless, these would be the least effective procedures of getting into the career of your dreams.

You’ve probably heard the expression, it is not what you know, it’s who you know and this applies to locating employment just as much as it does to any other field in life. In actuality, it’s something which companies are now actively encouraging. Yes, that’s right – they’re asking staff to advocate their friends for vacant posts. If you are looking for advertisement post (which is also known as “โพสต์โฆษณา” in Thai language), you can visit many online websites.

This method has benefits for both employers and workers; the employer saves on advertising and is likely to find a better match for the job than if he’d placed an ad. And the potential employee has the benefit of being able to ask her friend for the lowdown on the company.

You can ask the sort of question which would be inappropriate at an interview, but which might reveal crucial information that could influence your decision. This will place you in a strong position at the interview, since you’ll have detailed information about the company, its products and services and the culture in which you’ll be expected to work.

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