Summer BBQ Party Makeup Ideas

Courtesy:District Bliss

With summer comes numerous parties and hangouts. Everyone wants to look great and have fun at these summer parties. Here are a few makeup ideas for summer BBQ parties.

1. Statement

You can try out different bold colors on your lips this summer and have some fun. Go for a bright orange or the classic red lipstick. The key is to wear these lipsticks with minimal makeup elsewhere on the face. Just apply waterproof mascara if you are also planning to take a dip in the pool.

2. Stay Matte

With all the heat and humidity, it becomes hard to keep the makeup in place during the summers. It is harder for those with oily skin as their skin becomes extra shinny and sweaty. A good idea would be to find a matte formula for your vegan makeup Australia and stick with a neutral palette.

3. No makeup makeup look

The no makeup makeup look trend is very common during the summers. As, it gets very hard to manage layers of makeup during the heat, apply minimal makeup and still look amazing. You can use a concealer to hide all your trouble spots and mascara to brighten up your eyes. Also apply a light pink or nude lipstick to stay natural. It will save you the trouble of fixing your makeup after every hour.

Therefore, use these ideas and look glam on your summer BBQ party. Do not forget to apply loads of sunscreen before you do your makeup.

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