Should you promote your local restaurant online?

So you have been successfully running your local restaurant, customers love you, you serve a whole lot of different communities, and recently you have received a halal certificate from Halal Xpert. Things are moving nicely.


But you are still leaving food on the table if you are not promoting your restaurant online. Yes, even if you don’t have a website, you can and you should promote your restaurant online.

The internet is not supposed to be used by the website owners only. Everyone can use it. If your target audience uses the internet (and most likely it does), you should use the internet to promote your business. Be where you target audience is.

You can start off by creating a Facebook page for your restaurant. Post about your restaurant, update the page often, add your address, phone numbers, and any other contact information so that people can contact you.

Start promoting your page, maybe run a Facebook ad campaign to show your ad to your target audience.

If it works, you can create a website for your restaurant and take the online advertisement to the next level. There is no question about the usefulness of the internet.

It is, therefore, strongly recommended to start promoting your restaurant online before your competitors do.

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