Shopping Time In Madrid!

Many times we must travel due to our occupation or occasionally just for enjoyment and we find ourselves with a few spare time in unfamiliar cities. Affordable luxury shopping in Madrid is the one thing you can resist from.

Here’s an intriguing itinerary so you can make use of these dead hours while you’re in Madrid:

El Corte Inglés Castellana Miu Miu Prada Tod's Madrid

First, we must have a taxi or the metro to Plaza Mayor and after there, there are a number of places we can see: the Arco de Cuchilleros, purchase some gifts to bring home or perhaps eating among these Bocadillos de Calamares.

Following that we’ll take Calle Ciudad Rodrigo before Calle Mayor. After there we shall turn until we locate Calle Bordadores that can lead us around Calle Arenal.

Going back through Calle Arenal, we’ll get until the Puerta del Sol, where we can pay a visit to the small stores and watch the famous clock which everybody in Madrid utilizes on December 31st while they possess the 12 grapes at 12 AM.

This itinerary will take us two hours when we are not walking in a hurry and choose to shoot some pictures and perhaps get to speak with people.

So it’s a great alternative for people who are trapped between flights and wish to get to learn more about Madrid that only the airport!

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