Real Estate Mentor Tips and Tools

Trust it or not, this is really an excellent time to get on track investing in real estate. Due to the current downturn in the housing marketplace, there’s so much building it likely to purchase homes at bargain rates, albeit competitively. But no matter how superior the marketplace is when you initiate investing in real estate, you shouldn’t go into it blindly or get on upon it by yourself. Freedom mentor review: it is a real estate investing education system developed by Phil Pustejovsky, is claimed to help you make fast cash and build lasting wealth.


What you really require is real estate mentor, somebody who knows the outs and in of the trade and can prove you the tools and tips you’re going to have to be successful in today’s marketplace This is vital because while courses and research are both important and useful, real estate is a region where experience counts for a immense deal.

To set the tone, and foundation for the rest of this website, I thought I would start out by asking 20 well known and respected house flipping pros for their advice to help you as you get started on your house flipping career. After all, who better to ask than those who gone from where you are to where you want to be?


I intentionally asked from a mix of “old timers” who have been in the business for 25 years or more, as well as those who, although only starting a few years ago, and are now achieving an incredible amount of success flipping houses.  My intention is to expose you to a number of different people who are having incredible success in this business so you can see that it is within your reach.

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