Problems of the Asbestos Talcum Powder Lawsuit

There are two main problems facing the Lanzos in their competition to prove that J&J is answerable for starting mesothelioma over its asbestos-included talc. The primary one has to do with the timelines involved, and another has to do with other new trials that have taken place in other situations. You can also know more about talcum powder lawsuits by clicking right over here.

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Given that mesothelioma may take up for a long time to grow, demonstrating exposure to a certain asbestos-containing product may frequently be very hard.  Plaintiffs have to prove that the infant powder they used included asbestos — a claim that J&J vigorously denies — and that the specific vulnerability led finally to a cancer diagnosis.

Whilst not impossible to establish, particularly in case the plaintiffs have old product samples and internal signs, making this type of situation will probably be an uphill struggle for your Lanzos.

Second, it is very likely that either side is aware of an identical California event that ended in November together with the jury finding for the defendants.  If that’s the circumstance, J&J gave jurors numerous other explanations plaintiff Tina Herford’s mesothelioma identification, such as radiation, also maintained that asbestos evaluations of its talcum powder goods have been riddled with false positives.

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