Necessity for Evolution of Christian Conceptions

Christian religious doctrine largely stands silent on whether or not, across our galaxy, only mankind possess intelligence. Such silence should not perplex us; much of Christian religious revelation, scripture and doctrine arose well before mankind recognized other stars as similar to our sun, and before mankind had any inkling of the existence of other planets.

But astronomy has zoomed ahead. Find the best christian churches near me through online sites.

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Through its efforts and instruments (for example the Kepler space telescope), we have collected an enormous range and depth of planetary observations and have analyzed and extrapolated from those observations. The conclusion? Our galaxy likely, very likely, possesses numerous, as in millions and billions, of Earth-like planets. Planets abound.

Does that indicate life has emerged on those planets? Would the emergence of life lead at times to intelligent life?

We lack sufficient data, as of yet, to answer with any level of confidence. However, based on what we do know, would the detection of life, even intelligent life, surprise us? Maybe in past decades, but based on the accumulating observations and deepening understanding we have now, astronomers today would likely not be.

So the question stands as relevant – what would the existence of other intelligence imply for religious teachings.

Actually conversing with other intelligence, if such intelligence exists, may well stand as impossible, given the light-year distances involved and the light speed limitation on communication rates. But don't dismiss, if other intelligent life exists, our ability to learn of their culture. 

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