Lose Belly Fat – 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Look Slim and Gorgeous

Many people have one question in mind. How to lose belly fat? Men and women are faced with this "pot belly" problem all over the world. Before you decide to get rid of that flabby and Stomach fat in your abdomen, you have to first understand what you should eat and how you should exercise.

Lose Belly Fat - 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Look Slim and Gorgeous


If you like to eat pasta, and also are a visitor to the fast food joints, chips, and so forth, then do not read. You may forget your dream. You have to forget all food that is such. Such foods have plenty of fat and naturally, the content in your body increases and the fat conveniently gets accumulated through your mid-section once you consume them.


Next comes exercising. Exercising alone isn't enough. Be active. Keep yourself occupied by another activity or gardening, rather than sitting for hours in front of a TV and the computer. Rather than driving for short distances walk around whenever possible. High-intensity interval training is the best exercise. Results will be produced by a blend of high-intensity exercise such as running with a moderate intensity exercise such as walking.

Avoid stress

Medical studies have shown that growth in a hormone contributes to the accumulation of fat in your gut. Stress activates cortisol in your body. Reduce stress to maintain the Cortisol level low. Find actions by which you can unwind, like some hobbies out. Take time to relax with family members and friends. 

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