Lawsuits and Social Media

I had a conversation the other day with an acquaintance who is the sales director for a software company. They create and manage social media programs for companies and organizations. I was commenting on the lack of progress Canadian firms are experiencing when it comes to implementing social media in the workplace.

Businesses declare to want to converse immediately with employees and customers, but few actually continue. Why? "Lawsuits and commercial policies", was the sales director's response. You can also look for THE GENERAL COUNSEL online and get the brief information about the social media and lawsuits.

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With regards to social media companies are worried about their insufficient control along the way, perceived or elsewhere. Employees could say something which may offend a consumer/customer.

Customers can do the same to the ongoing company or its employees. Even perceived offenses may lead to potential lawsuits, and the ones can be costly and frustrating, as well as, a pr nightmare.

Corporate and business regulations can impede the introduction of interpersonal press at an enterprise also. The sales director illustrated this issue with a good example that he experienced.

A large accounting firm was enthusiastic about establishing a social media network for clients and employees. However, despite their willingness to proceed with the implementation, antiquated corporate policies prevented them from doing this.

To initiate communal media recommended restructuring a few of the restrictive guidelines which could take weeks, if not years, to complete. The idea perished on the boardroom stand.

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