Income Tax Return Mistakes In Income Tax Return Filing Can Be Avoid

  1. Selection Of Wrong Itr Form

According to the taxation rules, every assesse required to show full earning in the specified form, as the department has notified different form for Income tax filing. If anyone files using wrong form then the return uploaded will be treated as defective return and assesse will be asked to file a revised ITR using the correct form.

  1. Avoiding Interest Income From Bank

Assesse should understand that all interest received in saving bank account or FD is taxable under the head of other sources. Taxpayer generally forgot to declare interest earned at the time of Efiling income tax. You can visit to know more about tax return.

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  1. Forgot To File Return

Some assesse don’t file their tax returns because they have long-term capital gains (LTCG) which are tax-exempt and without this their gross total income is below the tax-exempt income level.

However, as per recent amendments in section 139 (1) of the Act, if your exempted LTCG along with gross total income exceeds the minimum exemption level, you are required to file your return.

  1. Not Clubbing Incomes

Clubbing of incomes are very important, in these rules assesse some time need to ass income of some specified person (minor children, spouse, son’s spouse, etc.) while calculating gross income, clubbing always increase tax liability of the assesse.

Example: in case of minor child, if any income is earned by any children then such earning to be add in the income of the parent having high income slab rate. For more understanding we can

  1. No Declaration of Tax Free Income

As a taxpayer it is compulsory to report every earning to department, which means you need to report even if your income is tax free. You need to open in the form; however you not need to pay tax as you can claim exemption under the tax act

  1. Hiding of Bank Account

From the assessment year 2015-16, assesse required to report every bank account maintain by him. Sometime assesse hide bank account because of high transection or they think only one bank account is required to earlier you were only required to mention a single bank account in which you wished to receive credit of the income tax refund if any. However, now only dormant accounts are excluded from requirement of reporting in the ITR.

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