How Can I Sell My Oahu House?

The list of reasons why someone would want to sell their house or condo on Oahu, or any of the Hawaiian, islands are endless. It could be anything from relocation to the mainland, foreclosure, house downsizing, divorce or maybe it’s just an extra property collecting dust that you would like some cash for.

With the recent slow down in the market, it has become more of a challenge to get rid of unwanted houses and condos. In the past, you simply had to list it with a Realtor for market value and it would sell in days. If you want to sell your house in Oahu then you can visit

It is not uncommon for homes to stay on the market for over a year before even receiving serious offers. What is the solution?

One solution is to sell the home with seller financing. This means that you will play the role of the bank for some or all of the house sale. Instead of the buyer getting a loan from the bank, you become the bank and the buyers make payments to you with interest.

A second solution is to sell the house through an auction-like process. There are several real estate investment companies that can help you auction your property to the highest bidder. You set the reserve price and if the auction doesn’t raise enough money, you’re not obligated to sell the house and you can try something else.

A third method is to seek out professional house buyers. These are often investors who buy real estate for a living. They can often pay all cash for your house and can arrange all of the paperwork.

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