HIPAA and Email – How Does Your Practice Deal with Compliance in a Digital Age?

The internet has created a new business model for the smaller medical practice, niche clinic and medical service (e. g. dermatologist, aesthetic surgeon, physical therapist, psychiatrist, et. al). More and more, patients would like to talk with their healthcare providers as they do in their personal and business lives – via email.

Email as a communication solution for the smaller clinic can be a time-saving resource. It may replace the many phone telephone calls and postal mailings, adding economic benefit to the smaller clinic.

Does email eliminate the appointment? Zero, nothing can replace the personal face-to-face office visit, but email can be an additional tool doctors can implement to improve their practice.

Some health-related practitioners do however feel that emailing their patients equates to working for free, however, many clinics have already adopted charging for email consultations.

A few practices, patients pay a set rate from hundred buck to many hundred us dollars per year for this type of service. Harvard professor of medicine Medical professional. Daniel Z. Sands, a proponent to a digital clinic, explained "I think it's reasonable to suppose that if legal representatives and accountants charge for time, then physicians should too. Please search dental patient management software at http://www.docmate.com/ for more help. 

Sustainability of Overall health Information Technology is also on the government's adnger zone. As part of the President's mandate to advance the medical field towards searching for clinical setting within the next 10 years.

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