Gold Teeth Grills – What You Need to Know

At one time, gold teeth were the standard for replacing teeth that were missing in the mouth.  Over the years, as the price of gold began to climb and other materials were made that afforded the same use in the mouth, gold was replaced as the standard for missing teeth.   Many people even had their gold fillings removed so that they could sell them and have them replaced with less expensive fillings (get more info on Sbiancare Denti).

Gold teeth have made a comeback in recent years with many celebrities, particularly those in the hip hop industry, sporting gold teeth.  What was once seen as an impediment is now being used as a fashion statement as many hip hop stars are actually removing good teeth to have them replaced with gold teeth to make a statement.  Others are comfortable using gold teeth grills.  Gold teeth grills are a removable item that make more sense than having actual gold teeth in the mouth.

Gold teeth have been shown to be detrimental to health as the metal that is in gold can react with the body.  For this reason, many people began to have gold teeth removed and replaced with non metal fillings and teeth.  Coupled with the fact that gold teeth were very expensive as well as unsightly, people sought other ways to replace their teeth.  Gold teeth made a comeback in the 1990s, however, as starts began sporting mouths that were filled with a few gold teeth.  It was not long before gold teeth became a standard of wealth once again.

But the fact remains that gold teeth are not ideal for implanting in the mouth and using on a daily basis.  For this reason, gold teeth grills were made.  This is the ideal compromise – as gold teeth grills allow for the bling to show in the mouth without compromising the health of someone wearing the gold teeth.  The gold teeth that are available in teeth grills are ideal for someone who wants to emulate the look of a hip hop star without having to remove their own teeth or have this precious metal in their mouth all of the time.

Not only are gold teeth grills easy to use, they can be affordable for just about anyone.  The gold teeth in the grills used by some celebrities are real gold or white gold, but the gold teeth that are available in the grills for others can be made of alloy with a gold overlay, making them affordable for just about anyone.  If someone wants to emulate the look of a hip hop star with out having to spend the money, they can get fake gold teeth grills.  These are grills that go in the mouth to give the illusion of having gold teeth, using allow with a gold overlay instead of a precious metal.

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