Girl, Go For That Vegan Makeup Without A Shadow Of Doubt

It is the right of every girl to look beautiful. To look beautiful through her attitude, her smile, her heart and through her looks. Every girl loves to apply that slight tinge of red on her lips or those earth tones as eye-shadow or that moody hue on her nails to feel special.

 But girls need to be aware of the cosmetics they use. Why? Because sadly most of the cosmetics have animal products in them like:

  • Fish scales             
  • Chicken feet
  • Ground-up horns, hooves, hair, quills of various animals
  • Chicken bone marrow
  • Sperm Whale vomit etc

Some of the cosmetics use animal by-products like beeswax, honey and lactic acid.  The animals are exploited or left for dead to obtain these products. These are then used in cosmetics and sold as an anti-ageing cream or as a shampoo and moisturizer.


The cosmetic company even tests the cosmetics on various animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats before it is ready to be marketed and sold to the customers.

But girls, don’t get disheartened. The solution lies in using vegan cosmetics. Vegan cosmetics do not use any animal products or even by-products. In addition, these are also cruelty free. That means no animals were used or harmed during testing stage of these products.

So girls, shop for the best vegan makeup in town and get ready to rock.  Wear that vegan makeup on your face and light up your life with that guilt-free smile.

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