Essential Boat Accessories For a Peaceful Day at Sea

When setting off for a peaceful day riding the waves there are some provisions you should ensure you pack to avoid a calamity out at sea. Pirates must have known something about a life at sea, after all, they spent their whole lives pillaging the riches of less able seamen, and doing so it seems on a diet consisting wholly of rum. 

Now rum, for a pirate, would surely have been one of the primary boat accessories, but for more refined sailors who like to cruise our island's seas and lakes in a slightly more dignified manner, you should probably leave the rum at home. These are some of the boat essentials you will need:


Lifejackets are definitely essential. And not just a few flimsy, threadbare old jackets either. You need to be tried and tested lifejackets which properly fit each of the individuals you plan on taking out to sea with you. A lifejacket that doesn't fit is no good to anybody as the pressure of hitting the water will pop the lifejacket up and over your head.You can also know more about boating via Maritime Training School.


Lifejackets are invaluable, but if the time comes to deploy them you are likely to get just a little bit wet. So what's better than a lifejacket? Well, a lifeboat of course. Life rafts can expand in seconds to provide you with all the strength you need should the worst happen whilst you are out at sea. 

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