Conglomeration of ideas in Indian paintings

If you are of the opinion that Indian paintings are inferior to their European counterparts, then you are extremely wrong. Indian paintings have been able to portray their sense of style and culture for a long time, and in those aspects, there has been a steep decline of the artistic culture that Indian painters have been able to showcase to the world. Overall, it goes without saying that the Indian paintings industry has been put to wrong use due to the fact that there was a lack of work and sustain is for Indian painters without catering to the commercial aspects.

People like Amit Ambalal have been able to work extremely hard in order to create a niche for themselves, so much so that it not only looks good that they have been able to achieve success, but they have done so in a spectacular fashion. Now, most of the European as well as Indian galleries have prominent Indian painters amongst their exhibition, and that can only be high praise for such painters. Moreover, one can be sure of the fact that getting such kind of quality paintings on the Indian scale is definitely a wonderful thing for most of the people to understand and realize.

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