Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Glasses

There are numerous colors which could, unsuspectingly, drain color from the eyes. Individuals with blue eyes often select frames in some shade of blue, thinking that they may intensify the color of the eyes. 

Most often, however, the glasses contend with the eye color and make them appear less vivid. For technical reasons, wearing frames in a contrasting color will result in the eye color being intensified. 

Choosing Glasses to Enhance Eye Color

Green Eyes: Colors from the yellow or purple families will intensify green eyes. Bright yellow glasses could go extraordinary, however. Green frames can occasionally accentuate green eyes, but usually not as effectively as purple ones. Recommendations: Mauve, orchid, lavender, periwinkle, purple, violet, red-violet, eggplant, jade green, racing green, emerald green.

Blue Eyes:  Blue frames are a possibility, but make a comparison with red frames to be sure the blue ones don’t contend with the eyes for attention. Recommendations: True red, watermelon red, cherry red, fuchsia, magenta, burgundy, coral, apricot, brick, rust, Chinese red. Tones of blue which can be compatible with your wardrobe is also tested.

Brown Eyes: Purples and greens usually make brown eyes look their loveliest. Generally, to help make the eyes look darker, choose eyeglass frames in a light color. Dark purples and greens always look elegant with brown eyes. Recommendations: Plum, purple, violet, lavender, racing green, jade green, horn, emerald. Well, you can get Tortoise Shell Glasses via Prescription Tortoise Shell Glasses web optical stores.

Grey Eyes: To be able to make the eyes appear their palest, choose eyeglass frames in a black color. These cool, mysterious eyes are probably the most beautiful when they seem to be quite pale. Recommendations: Black, charcoal black, deep burgundy, midnight blue, deep purple.

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